Some articles and interviews

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In Rethink the ink: Defying the Jewish tattoo taboo, published in the Jewish News, Caron Kemp tells us about her own journey to a Hebrew Tattoo. In the interview, I said "in times like ours, I feel the questions asked can’t be as dogmatic as they were centuries ago. We can’t only be interested in dry religious laws if we want to continue existing as a collective entity”.


A recent article by Hannah Steinkopf-Frank, published in the tattoo magazine Inside Out about why Jewish adults embrace body art. She quotes me saying “Today it’s not an act of incredible rebellion against the status quo, the establishment, or Judaism. It can become a self-confident way of marking yourself as Jew.”

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An interview I gave to the tattoo magazine InkDoneRight. In the interview, I mainly talk about how I came to design Hebrew tattoos.

Issuewire wrote this press release about US Jews Claiming Identity by Choosing Cultural Heritage Tattoos, sporting some of my work and ideas.


Jewpop, a French language Jewish magazine, published this wonderful interview with me. I hope I didn’t say anything stupid in it. I guess I’ll never know ;)