Pencil drawing

Hi. I design art for tattoos. I do not tattoo it. I gave up on the actual inking in order to dedicate my time to solely creating the artwork. However, with 15 years of experience doing just that, I probably know a tattooist whom I trust to copy my art to your skin, right where you live.

As much as I would love to, I cannot possibly accept all artworks I’m asked to draw. Art needs time and I don’t want to rush it. So I choose my projects carefully. Please don’t take it personally if your idea doesn’t make it to the stage of being created. David will let you know within a few mails if for one or the other reason I cannot accept your project.

As you can see in my portfolio, neither the complexity, nor the religious background of the work play any kind of role in my decision. 

Working at b-street


David will figure out the wording and the basics of your artwork with you. I will then discuss the fine details of your piece with you and create your art. It will take a few mails. Please come with some patience.


I never schedule work for more than 3 months ahead, so at any given time, I have a waiting list of no more than 3 months. If you already have a session date or are in a hurry for any other reason, please let David know asap. In some cases I can rush a work.


Each design I create is the expression of the story of a specific person. I hence do not ever resell any of my work. No exceptions. If you would like to have my art on your skin, please do make the effort of talking to me about your ideas, so I can make sure your design will as well be a unicum, just yours, and only on your skin.


All works are sent as high resolution [1200 dpi] jpgs. For a number of reasons, I do not send physical copies of tattoo stencils. What I often do is creating versions of tattoo stencils for you to hang on your wall. Talk to me if this interests you. 


As all of my art is commissioned, I price each piece individually. Prices could be anywhere between U$D375 and a few thousand U$D. Generally speaking, those prices reflect the complexity of your artwork and hence the time I expect to spend on it. Naturally, you don't commit to anything before you pay. The initial consultation with David is free of charge and he will be able to give you a general ballpark of the price within a few mails.


As part of the process, David will find the right wording / translation / verse together with you. However, if you're looking only for a translation but not for a design, we’re the wrong address. One right address for exactly this would be Ruth at, whom we know personally and trust completely. Any other professional, open-minded translation service will do as well.


Please keep in mind that I’m not some corporate mass production entity. I love what I do, I create art because I deeply believe in art, and I have my personal principles, tastes and artistic directions as a person and as an artist and I have only 24h/day. And a family. If I feel I wouldn’t do a good job giving form to your ideas, or if a project goes against my convictions or artistic taste, or if it just doesn’t fit into my portfolio right now, I’ll politely refuse it and often explain why.


All payments are upfront. No exceptions. I cannot “unsend” works once they’re sent, so I will not send anything before a work is fully paid. If you would like to pay in installments, we will schedule your piece once the first installment is through, and send it if at the time your artwork is ready if your invoice is fully settled. You can pay by PayPal, Credit Card, wire transfer or Bitcoin/Monero.

Price offers

Any price offers, other than if agreed otherwise, are good for 2 months. Please feel free to ask me to hold a price for you. I will normally agree. At the same time, please don’t mail me, saying “so I just paid this old $25 invoice you sent me when you were 23. When’s the art ready?!”


I’m often asked if I create several versions of a piece for you to choose from. The general answer is no. I’m an artist, not a graphic designer. However, I will add small and specific changes to my work if you ask me to. Keep in mind these changes will be tweaks, rather than essential changes to the design. So “hey, could you bend that Lamed up there a bit more to the right?” might be in, but “oh, actually I wanted a Mickey Mouse, created from Genesis 1:23” is out. The same goes for "I don't like this, could you send me something else?". That is the reason I take a lot of time and effort up-front to really figure out what you have in mind, advise you about the possibilities of tattoos in general as well as calligraphy tattoos specifically, and make sure I know exactly what you want before sharpening my pencil, preparing my ink and sitting down to draw. You'll notice.


I am aware of the fact that many artists send drafts for their clients to approve. I don’t. Over the years I understood that drafts tend to confuse clients. Worse, I saw more than one or two drafts as tattoos. So I don’t ever send anything that isn’t a work I stand behind, 100%. In other words: the finished artwork. If you would then like to add some minor and specific changes, I’m normally open to it.


If you have any other questions, we will be happy to answer them. Just ask.